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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Get Matching Aspect Ratios for Dual Monitors

I recently replaced one of my monitor I use in my dual monitor set up. My left, primary monitor is a 22 inch using 1680 x 1050 as the recommended resolution. My new, right monitor is a 21.5 inch using 1920 x 1090.

left = 16:10 aspect ratio   right = 16:9 ratio

The right one turns out to be wider and not as tall.

When moving screens from one to the other, they don't match. If I try to make them match in the resolution of the right to that of the left, I get blurrier display and vertical black bars on the left and right and a smaller display.

I like having matching resolutions for my dual monitors.

This table from is a useful guide.

Desktop LCD Monitor Comparison (Pixel Table)

This table shows the screen resolution, pixel density (pixel pitch in pixels per inch, ppi), size of one square pixel, aspect ratio of the screen, number of pixels (megapixels or MP), and pixel area gain compared to a 1024 by 768 pixel XGA resolution for various display sizes (measured by the viewable diagonal).
SizeResolutionDensityPixel SizeRatioPixelsGain
14.1"1024 x 76890.8 ppi0.2798 mm4:30.75 MP100%
14"1366 x 768111.9 ppi0.2269 mm~16:91.00 MP133%
15"1024 x 76885.3 ppi0.2977 mm4:30.75 MP100%
17"1280 x 76887.8 ppi0.2893 mm5:30.94 MP125%
17"1280 x 102496.4 ppi0.2634 mm5:41.25 MP167%
17"1440 x 90099.9 ppi0.2543 mm16:101.24 MP165%
18"1280 x 102491.1 ppi0.2789 mm5:41.25 MP167%
18.4"1366 x 76885.2 ppi0.2982 mm~16:91.0 MP133%
19"1280 x 102486.3 ppi0.2944 mm5:41.25 MP167%
19"1440 x 90089.4 ppi0.2842 mm16:101.24 MP165%
19"1680 x 1050104.3 ppi0.2436 mm16:101.68 MP224%
20"1400 x 105087.5 ppi0.2903 mm4:31.4 MP187%
20"1600 x 90091.8 ppi0.2767 mm16:91.37 MP183%
20"1680 x 105099.1 ppi0.2564 mm16:101.68 MP224%
20.1"1600 x 120099.5 ppi0.2553 mm4:31.83 MP244%
21"1680 x 105094.3 ppi0.2692 mm16:101.68 MP224%
21.3"1600 x 120093.9 ppi0.2705 mm4:31.83 MP244%
21.5"1920 x 1080102.5 ppi0.2479 mm16:91.98 MP264%
22"1600 x 102486.3 ppi0.2942 mm25:161.56 MP208%
22"1680 x 105090.1 ppi0.2821 mm16:101.68 MP224%
22"1920 x 1080100.1 ppi0.2537 mm16:91.98 MP264%
22.2"1920 x 1200102 ppi0.2490 mm16:102.2 MP293%
22.2"3840 x 2400204 ppi0.1245 mm16:108.79 MP1'172%
23"1920 x 108095.8 ppi0.2652 mm16:91.98 MP264%
23"1920 x 120098.4 ppi0.258 mm16:102.2 MP293%
24"1920 x 108091.8 ppi0.2767 mm16:91.98 MP264%
24"1920 x 120094.3 ppi0.2692 mm16:102.2 MP293%
26"1920 x 120087.1 ppi0.2917 mm16:102.2 MP293%
27"1920 x 108081.6 ppi0.3113 mm16:91.98 MP264%
27"1920 x 120083.9 ppi0.3029 mm16:102.2 MP293%
27"2560 x 1440108.8 ppi0.2335 mm16:93.52 MP469%
30"2560 x 1600100.6 ppi0.2524 mm16:103.91 MP521%
32"1024 x 76840 ppi0.635 mm4:30.75 MP100%
40"1024 x 76832 ppi0.7938 mm4:30.75 MP100%

Monday, July 30, 2018

Steps to Delete OST File from Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007

Deleting .ost file is quite easy if you know the location. Simply locate the Outlook folder and select .ost file and delete. But you do not know the location of OST file then follow the steps mentioned below. Remember one thing that location of .ost file different in different versions of Outlook. 
Quit Outlook (If it is Running).
Go to Run window or press windows key + r.
Type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\” in the Run window and click OK.
Note: – The command will automatically locate .ost file from any Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000.
Select the .ost file and either right-click on it and then hit on Delete option or press Delete Key.
I used this process to get my Outlook to actually update the cache. I had disabled the cache through
File\Account Settings\
Double Click the Profile Email

After I did so, I could see my email and the shared email account, but it was not nearly as responsive.

After I deleted the .ost file, Outlook took some time to re-load the cache (about 10 minutes). But it was faster after that.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Notepad++ Preferences

Configure to use spaces instead of tabs
Settings->Preferences->Language Check "Replace by space"

Show white space
View->Show Symbol->Show all characters ?

Set style of white space
Settings->Style Configurator->Global Styles->White space symbols

Git Visualizations

Here are some visualization tools for git repositories

For github, for your project

Git GUI. It should already be installed on your machine with Git for Windows.
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Git
From Git GUI, go to the “Repository/Visualize All Branch History” menu item


TortoiseGit does have a log functionality that is useful

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Beyond Compare: Insert spaces instead of tabs

To change the way Beyond Compare behaves when you enter a tab 
- Go to the menu \Tools\File Formats
- Select the "Everything Else" option that has a Misc tab
- Check the Insert spaces instead of tabs
- Change tab stops to 4 spaces

Saturday, May 19, 2018

How to setup Google Cloud Print

I spent several hours this morning trying to get a printer so that it would be available for other computers on my home network to print.

I have a desktop upstairs with a wireless connection. For whatever reason, it cannot connect consistently to my printer when set up through WiFi nor on the wired downstairs desktop when connected by USB. I have reproduced the problem when I sit next to the upstairs desktop using my laptop.

In short,
1 - Set up Google Cloud Print Service so that your printer will be available even if you are not logged into the computer that has your printer attached
2 - Install Google Cloud Printer driver on the windows computers that you want to print from.
3 - Share the Google Cloud Printer with others you want to be able to print from a Chromebook.

For more detail, follow the video tutorial. It helped me get my printing up and running.
How to setup Google Cloud Print

You can get the Google Cloud Print Connector here

Google Cloud Print Service

I also tried installing "Cloud Print for Windows".

It seems to do what the Google Cloud Print Service already does. But with some windows apps to configure it.

I also tried installing Google Cloud Printer driver.