Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cut and Merge Video Excerpts

There is a talk that I wanted to take parts of and merge them together into a shorter video. Here is how I did that.

- I downloaded the video from YouTube.
- I used VLC Player to cut out the parts of the video I wanted
- I used MS Movie Maker to merge the parts into one video
  I followed the instruction here
  * Click the Add videos and photos button for all the parts
  * Use the Save Video/Recommended for this project dialog to save it to a mp4 format that YouTube will accept

Cut Parts of a Video with VLC Player

1. Open VLC Player
2. Click on the View menu and check Advanced Control
3. Select the video you want to cut
4. Press the Record button to cut, or record, the part of the video you want and to stop press the record button to end the cut. This is a little tricky in that it seems to take a second or so to actually start recording after you press the record button. I found that I had to click the button on the word before to get it to start recording at the correct place.
5. The Videos will be automatically saved in the My Videos folder

(Transcribed from "How to Cut or Record Video with VLC Media Player 2013 Exclusive Video HD", DrTheComputer, YouTube Feb 12, 2013)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Direct Dial in Android

To add a direct dial shortcut on a device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich):

1. Press the main app drawer icon (middle icon in system tray)
2. Scroll to “Widgets” folder (on the right) until you reach the “Direct Dial” widget
3. Press and hold the “Direct dial” widget until you see the home screen grid
4. Release the direct dial widget wherever you’d like your widget (shortcut) to appear on the home screen
5. Once you release the widget (shortcut) it will pull up your Contacts list
6. Select Contact you wish to have as a direct dial

From How To: Add A Direct Dial Shortcut To Your Android Homescreen at