Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Programs I use at work

Here is a list of programs I like to use at work. Someday I may need this list to install some of my favorite apps.
Prioritized 2016-01-14

Beyond Compare
Calendar 2000
CutePDF Writer
DS Clock - Time format "h:mm t", Arial (9 pt.), disable sound, pale green background, black text
Internet Download Manager
MS Visual Studio 2013
MS SQL Management Studio
Unlocker 1.9.2
VLC Media Player

Crimson Editor 3.70 - Has column mode editing [Edit/Column Mode Alt+C ] and it is open source
Also has Convert Tab to Spaces (Document/Tabs & Spaces/...)
-- TortoiseSVN
Log Parser 2.2
NeoShooter, 4.0.3b*
Regex Coach (Ad Blocking for Internet Explorer)

If your menu toolbar is not visible you get to these settings by clicking on the "Firefox orange button in the title bar and then choose AddOns.
Change the Alt+Tab behavior to the FF and Chrome default. In the "Tab Opening" tab, uncheck Location under the "Open new tabs for". This will allow the same behavior as before where Alt+enter opens in a new tab.

Adjust the appearance given to unread tabs.  Under the Appearance button, choose Tabs.  In the Tab Highlighting section, click Unread.  Uncheck enabled. I do not need to be so distracted just because one of my tabs refreshed itself.  For the "Current" Tab uncheck the color.  It is also distracting.

- Omnibar  Instead of Omnibar, customize what is shown in the navigation tool bar. Right-Click in the tool bar and choose customize.  Drag the items you do not want into the Customize toolbar dialog.  I drag everything except the address bar, the refresh button, the stop button, Ad-Block Plus and favorites.  The address bar in FF seems to behave like the omnibar in Chrome.  There is no need for the search box.

Blank screen saver
- path "C:\WINDOWS\system32\scrnsave.scr"
- Shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F
- Put the shortcut on your desktop and you can always hit the shortcut to quickly eliminate the screen and the distraction while on a phone call and then instantly return to your work.
Foxit Reader (PDF), 2.0*
Dropper - get the color of any pixel on the screen

Chocolatey - a command line download and installation utility for windows
The following commands use Chocolatey to download and install stuff
"choco install 7zip.install" "choco install 7zip.install" install 7zip and put 7zip in the path.
"choco install gow" installs Gnu On Windows, lightweight alternative to Cygwin

* Older or hard to find version. I may have to login to to get these through a web filter.

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