Friday, September 02, 2005

My Danish friend in Bangkok

I just had a conversation with a new Danish friend in Bangkok.

We just bought the sliding menu and I am implementing it like it is shown here

I found a complex way to solve a problem. I emailed him to ask if there was a simpler way. He messaged me from Bankok. We had a nice conversation.

I love my new job! I am learning new things that apply to me personally. Such as,

assertEquals(refactoring, life);

Refactoring is a newer programming term that mean, "Make the code that works, more easy to read and understand, more extendable". It is repentance for coders.

You can refactor more freely when you have automated unit tests. A test to see if the code works the way it should. You are then free to gut and rewrite the code. All you have to do is run your tests to ensure it is still working by design.

We can refactor our lives more freely when we test our lives regularly. For me, this is asking my wife, "How am I doing? Are you happy with me?" It can be as simple as, "am I happy?" If not, then the test has failed. Time to step back and look again.

Accurate, and kind feedback is gold.

assertEquals(refactoring, life); Am I refactoring my life?


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