Saturday, January 20, 2007

Firefox Settings and Windows Start Up

I like Slimbrowser. I have used it for years , mostly for a tabbed Internet Explorer. I recently got a new computer and decided to try FireFox as my primary browser.

I wanted it to behave more like Slimbrowser. I found the following FireFox add-ins,
Tabbrowser Preferences
Faster Fox
Restart FireFox

My wife still uses Internet Explorer as the primary browser. There are enough sites out there that still do not work well with FireFox that I still want it too. I wanted to be able to open GMail with FF. I created a shortcut on my desktop with this target ("C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

I also was looking to reduce the number of programs running as well as quicken the Windows XP Home Edition login. I found MSConfig.exe. Just run from Start/Run and adjust it. My wife used Windows Live Messenger. I found in MsConfig where to disable its start up. I then could add a short cut to it in the StartUp folder of my wife's login. That way it starts up for her but not for me and the kids login.

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