Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MS Windows Workflow Foundation

Someone as work mentioned that we might consider MS Windows Workflow Foundation after hearing us describe the project we have been creating for the last many months. Following are some notes I took in my introduction to it.

ASP.NET and Windows Workflows Foundation

Manage application processes with Windows Workflow Foundation Brian Noyce

Link to a poster of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 update to the Commonly Used Types and Namespaces.

Notes from Michael Stiefel on Windows Workflow Foundation
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"Workflow is the automated processes of a Business Process" Reliable Software

Reusable Business Activities
Separate Workflow from Activity

This workflow is hosted somewhere. Sharepoint?

Workflow runtime

Concept of Host
Concept of Activity
Concept of Workflow

The dream is these activities will be manipulated by Business Analysts in a drag and drop way.

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Activities are not small atomic. These are long processes.
Programmers cannot stay in the back room. You are not of high value. You are just a coder.

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