Friday, May 23, 2008

Beyond Compare File Filters

I don't know why I did not know this before. I use Subversion and I always want Beyond Compare to ignore the _svn folder in my working copies.

Go to the Session\File Filters menu. Add "_svn" to the Exclude folders text box.

Now I never have to see_svn folders in beyond compare again.


rev said...

thank you. i looked for this setting for hours.

Jigsaw said...

does anyone knows if there is a way to "embed" a complex filter to appear automaticaly into the [filters] dropdown list?

I use a filter like "-.bak;-pjt\;-.svn\;-temp\;-project\result\" and currently I need to copy/paste it every time.

It would be great if one could set a filter as default i.e. into the Rules.bcru file or something, but I cannot find where

Jigsaw said...

Aha!!! I found it!!!

In case anyone is interested try:
tools > Options > folder viewer > filter preset: there you may add your own predefined filter.

I don't know why I dind't looked for the configuration options before trying to edit the files manualy :)