Saturday, December 18, 2010

OpenDNS Internet Filtering

We have been using OpenDNS for several months to protect our home computer network from pornography.  We had been using BSecure but it did not have an easy way to protect our whole network, and it sometimes caused problems on the computers we installed it on.  OpenDNS can be configured on your router and so there is no need to install or configure anything on any device connected to your router.

See a previous post for more info.


VPS said...

It could be really helpful if you can share something on how to manage dns configurations of a VPS.

Rich Alger said...

VPS, I am not familiar with how to manage dns congifigurations.

Rich Alger said...

A friend just asked me if I still use this. I do. The best part about configuring it on my router it that all the computers that connect to the Internet in my house by wire or wi-fi are protected by it.

Here is a video that shows how top set it up for the dd-wrt version of router software. There is probably a tutorial or online help for your router's software.

Now this is not going to protect from someone trying to find stuff normally that the filters are trying to block. There will always be new sites and new content that is not included in the filters.

What it does do is give a pretty good protection from accidentally coming across stuff you weren't intending to find.

Even for this purpose it isn't fool-proof. This should only be one layer of protection you provide your family. Others being very practical ones. Have open and often communication with your children about sexual and other filtered topics.

We also keep computers with access to the Internet in a public place in our home. Any iPods for kids use has the browser, the app store and iTunes restricted on the device. That protects them against any network they connect to.

web development services said...

The number one component about configuring it in my router it which every among the the computers that connect to the Internet inside my house by wire or wi-fi tend to be protected by it.