Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sync iTunes to Android

After hours of trying other solutions, I finally found how to synch music to an android device from my iTunes list.

- Install this app, Sync iTunes to android-windows

- Download the Windows app on the computer you have iTunes installed on.
- Change the location if you want them to be on an SD card. Follow the guide for this question, "How to sync to external sdcard?" here.

By default it will store to location recommended by your phone manufacturer. However we provide a setting in synctunes android app where you can change the location to external sdcard. To do that your first step should be to unsync/delete any music from phone you’ve previously synced, if you do not, it will take up space unnecessary disk space, because we are now defining new location and all music would now go there. To set the new location open synctunes on your phone then go to Settings -> Service uncheck it. The change the sdcard location and check the service again. Press back button to come back to main screen. Now when you sync again your files will go to external sdcard.If you can not locate the sdcard settings please contact us for help 
- Find the IP address of your Android device through the Wifi app. Select the connection, and tap it to see the details. It will show the IP address.
- Enter the IP address when you set up the windows app. This guide will show you how.

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