Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clearing the print queue

Occasionally our printer at home gets jobs stuck in the print queue. I write this so we can remember what my wife did to clear it.

We have a HP deskjet 3500, from the HP site


When print jobs are initiated, they are stored in a print job list (print queue). If the printer does not complete the print job because it is off-line or the print spooler fails, the print jobs stay in the print queue and it becomes backed up.

Clearing the print queue
1. Click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers to open the Printer folder.
2. Double-click the Printer to open the print queue.
3. Click Printer in the menu.
4. Select Pause Printing if it is not already selected. This will stop all printing to the
5. Click Printer again and select Purge Print Documents or Cancel All Documents. Click Yes to confirm the action.
6. If there are any documents left in the queue, restart the print queue. Click Printer and then click Pause Printing to resume printing.
7. Click Printer again, then click Cancel All Documents or Purge Print Documents.
8. If there are still documents in the queue, restart the computer.

My wife also pressed and held down the power button on the printer. This worked to clear the print queue.

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