Friday, August 22, 2008

View Message Source in Outlook 2003

The Lazy Admin was useful to me today
The other day I wrote how to view message headers in OWA, and recieved a lot of mail asking if this can be done it Outlook as well. If you have ever used Outlook Express, you might be familiar with the View --> Source option. In Outlook this feature does not exist.

Outlook gives you the option to View --> Options which will display the e-mail header. To enable the View --> Source functionality in Outlook 2003 open up regedit and drill down to:


Create a new Reg_DWORD called SaveAllMIMENotJustHeaders and give it a value of 1. This will enalbe the View --> Source option in Outlook 2003 but there are a few exceptions. It will only work for messages received after the change has been made and will not work with MAPI connections (i.e. Exchange mailboxes). You will only have this option for mail received from Internet transports (i.e. POP3)

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